Operating Power
What do MBD Construction, MBD Maintenance, MBD Automation, Genlease, McLindon Development and 4 Real Estate Services all have in common? They all share a critical business partner that manages their general and administrative (G&A) operations, reduces overhead costs and frees them to focus on core competencies.

The secret is Mainspring Companies, a management firm that supplies a range of services to these operating companies, allowing them to do what they do best: commercial construction, commercial building maintenance, automated equipment installation, emergency power solutions, real estate development, and real estate brokerage and property management.

Mainspring optimizes the overhead structure throughout this family of companies, achieving economies of scale, efficiencies and cost reductions. Mainspring turns G&A into their competitive advantage.

Imagine a partner that could handle all of the following services for your operating company:

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Design
  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Asset Management
  • Banking and Investment
  • Insurance and Surety Management

Your Competitveness
A company’s overhead is an ongoing investment. Mainspring makes certain the investment is properly managed. Long-term, sustained improvement is required. Temporary results are not acceptable. Priority goals are defined, and performance is benchmarked and measured for success.

The cost advantage of a properly managed G&A directly affects a company’s ability to compete. Managing these
costs in a sustainable manner while increasing effectiveness creates competitive advantages that are significant.

The component of labor burden is critical for labor-oriented service providers. Mainspring can reliably manage
human resources and insurance programs for them, allowing for economies of scale and cost savings and holding labor burden to a minimum. At the same time, employees enjoy benefits to create long-term job satisfaction.

From reducing overhead and labor burden to stabilizing your workforce, Mainspring can unlock your true competitiveness when you need it most—in challenging economic times like today’s.

Financial Management
A company’s financial department should be focused on the future, not the past. Is your financial department nimble and innovative, or has it fallen into stagnant routine? Does your financial department help you develop and grow your business, while also controlling costs?

When it comes to financial management and accounting services, Mainspring is focused clearly on cost control, innovative reporting and forecasting. Managers have constant access to the critical information they need to manage their businesses.

Teaming with Mainspring Companies
The Mainspring advantage may also be the right solution for your operating company. Mainspring Companies enters into strategic partnerships with companies that create new business opportunities and valuable cost synergies.

Are You Ready for Growth
As a company grows, entrepreneurs are challenged to excel in all aspects of business management. There are endless components to an expanding business, and it can become overwhelming. These challenges can cause a company to hit a hurdle as they try to build the business. Teaming with Mainspring Companies can provide the horsepower to reach that next plateau.

It can also create valuable B2B opportunities for your company. The Mainspring family of companies touches many fields of industry. Working with Mainspring can help position your company for growth.

Is it time to team with Mainspring Companies to maximize your operating power?

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